The first edition of SpaceFest! will be held in Gdansk on 9-10 December.

SpaceFest! in 2011 will comprise of workshops for professional musicians ran by Ray Dickaty (ex-Spiritualized) and Karol Schwarz (KSAS, Prawatt), concerts, meetings with artists and a competition for young bands.

Over 10 shoegaze, space-rock and alternative bands will play gigs on 9-10 December, among them White Noise Sound (UK), Ścianka (PL), Jaime Harding (UK) and Simon Scott (UK). The performance by Pure Phase Ensemble – the collective of 15 musicians playing songs composed during the workshop will be a high point of the festival.

Pure Phase Ensemble – Darkest Sun – video 28 May 2012, 07:52

From upcoming CD: Pure Phase Ensemble @ SpaceFest!

Pure Phase Ensemble Playback Party 13 May 2012, 12:14

We invite all SpaceFest! friends to Pure Phase Ensemble playback party. We will present the whole concert (audio + video) on 18th May at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk.

Pure Phase Ensemble was an international music collective created specially for the SpaceFest! 2011. 13 musicians from Poland and the UK took part in a workshop run by Raymond Dickaty (ex-Spiritualized). Together they composed the music which was later performed at the festival. Among the musicians invited to participate in the workshop were: Jaime Harding (Marion), Piotr Pawlak (Kury, Łoskot), Antoni Budziński (Klimt), Joanna Kuźma (Asia i Koty, Folder), Karol Schwarz (KSAS, Prawatt).

Pure Phase Ensemble music provides you with guitars from hell, angels’ voices, shivers down your spine, tears, psychedelic flow, space energy, tanks, darkest sun and demons. Ray Dickaty put it in a nutshell: „spacerock psychedelic monster”.  Are you strong
enough to take it???

If you want to take part in this event, please send a message to so that we could put you on our guest list. Make sure you make it!

Pure Phase Ensemble live album coming soon!


SpaceFest! 2011 workshops – Pure Phase Ensemble 7 February 2012, 21:48

Here it is! Pure Phase Ensemble! A recap of workshops: musicians speaking, awesome pictures, music, sweat & tears. So moving! Check it out. :)

SpaceFest! 2011 (Official Aftermovie) 19 January 2012, 14:54

Hello! here’s our SpaceFest! 2011 aftermovie! Soon there will be another short movie focused on Pure Phase Ensemble.

(polski) Regulamin festiwalu 8 December 2011, 10:57

Sorry, this entry is only available in polski.

video 1 December 2011, 11:49

9th December is coming up! 16 November 2011, 09:55

Tickets available eee… everywhere! :)

Manescape is our competition winner! 7 November 2011, 22:43

Ladies and Gentleman! Here’s our competition winner. The best band of all the contestants is MANESCAPE! The Jury: Karol Schwarz (Nasiono Records), Anna Szynwelska (CSW Łaźnia) and Przemysław Gulda (Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto) gave an unanimous decision to choose them to play at SpaceFest! on 10th December in Fabryka Batycki. Congrats!

Competition for young Polish bands… and the older ones too 30 September 2011, 07:14

If you have a band and play space-rock or shoegaze and you’d like to perform at our festival, you must certainly take part in this competition. All you need to do is send us 30 minutes of your music on a CD - it can be a demo, live recording, material from your rehearsal or an album if you’ve already released one. Deadline for submitting you entries: 30th October. More details in the regulations:



Jaime Harding invites his fans to SpaceFest! 29 September 2011, 22:08

Jaime Harding invites Marion’s fans to come to SpaceFest! in Gdansk on the band’s official website ‘i am taking part in a music workshop for polish musicians in the city of gdansk. i will also be playing an acoustic show at the spacefest festival in this time. (…) it would be great to see as many of you as possible at this event, not only for me but to introduce you to polish life. (…) i have heard so many great reports from people that gdansk is an amazing place for young people and has an awesome music scene and inumerable sharp and creative clubs etc that personally i cannot wait to get there. the architecture is supposed to be sublime and i know how gothic and aweinspiring other places in poland are but gdansk stands alone in this regard. so come and find me…’ How cool is that!

To read the full message go to:


Karol Schwarz
+48 791 150 105

for press:
Natalia Taranta
+48 500 178 857


Press info (with hi-res photos):




nasiono records


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