SpaceFest! is a festival of shoegaze, space-rock and alternative music. It consists of concerts, workshops for musicians from Poland and abroad, meetings with legendary artists, a competition for young bands and live album releases.

The third edition of the festival will be held on 6-7 Dec 2013 in Gdansk!

SpaceFest! is organized by Nasiono Association in cooperation with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts, Club Zak and with the support of the City of Gdansk.

Pure Phase Ensemble 2 – Between Two Evils (Slow to Fast Song) – a new album to be released 15 November 2013, 12:16

This video is a preview of the album Pure Phase Ensemble 2 – Live at SpaceFest! It will be available to purchase at the SpaceFest! festival on 6-7 Dec in Gdańsk. The concert was recorded last year. It was a result of the workshop held at Laznia CCA and the album will be the final product of the project. The members of  PPE 2  who performed together on the stage of Fabryka Batycki were: Ray Dickaty (ex Spiritualized) – sax, flute; Chris Olley (Six By Seven) – guitar, voc; Steve Hewitt (ex Placebo) – drums, guitar, voice; Ola Rzepka (Drekoty) – keyboard, drums, voice; Maciej Wojnicki (Mananasoko) – electronics, violin; Artur Bieszke (Marla Cinger, KSAS) – guitar; Maciej Minikowicz (The Sunlit Earth) – guitar, voice; Rafał Wojczal (Trupa Trupa) – keyboard farfisa jacqueline de luxe -  C; Łukasz Piotrowski – bass guitar.

The album will be the first of the series of unique hand-made records released by Nasiono Records.


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