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SpaceFest! is a festival of shoegaze, space-rock and psychedelic music. It consists of concerts, workshops for musicians from Poland and abroad, meetings with legendary artists, a competition for young bands and live album releases.

The eighth edition of the festival will be held on 7-8 Dec 2018 in Gdansk!

SpaceFest! is organized by Nasiono Association in cooperation with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts, Club B90 and with the support of the City of Gdansk.

Premiere: PPE 8 ft. Will Carruthers – Live at SpaceFest 13 April 2019, 19:25

Pure Phase Ensemble 8 ft Will Carruthers - Live at SpaceFest can land on your table sooner than you expect!
PREMIERE: 18 April 2019

The cover artwork was designed by amazing Patryk Hardziej (Hardziej Studio).
The music was created by: Will CarruthersKarol SchwarzHanna WentMarysia BiałotaWojtek GrabarzSeb Der StrychenMarta SapJasiek Nawacki, Adam Naubauer & an unexpected special guest Piotrek Kolendo.
Publisher: Nasiono Records

Gewalt – Verheimlichunng (Live at SpaceFest) [VIDEO] 21 January 2019, 09:00

nEw VIDEO from SpaceFest!

SpaceFest! 2018 – Day 2 9 December 2018, 10:54

Darlings! SpaceFest 2018 daydreaming has come to an end…

Here’s day 2 line-up: EYRE LLEWPopsyszeThe Lucid Dream, Columbus Duo, Pure Phase Ensemble ft. Will CarruthersXDZVØNXSPOIWO.

This magic event wouldn’t be possible without these people: Ania SZynwelska ❤ i niezastąpiona ekipa: Ewa Fuunia ChudeckaAnia WieruszewskaMaciej KomisKarol SchwarzMortyszja Dear, Paweł Jóźwiak oraz Państwo: Ola Szkudłapska i Błażej Szkudłapski.

Kudos to our great team of volunteers: Aleksandra JózefiakMat MenegonMałgorzata SawiczMaja MakowskaNatalia Bajan,Ewelina KosaterPaulina SidorukKacper Kotlęga.

Thank you to our film crew: Adam Jarmołowicz i Paulina Piotrowska, Radek JachimowiczRobert Suszko oraz Luminaris. Wsparcie wizualne

Video: Adam Jarmołowicz & Paulina Piotrowska
Music: Karol Schwarz All Stars - “Looking for…”

SpaceFest! 2018 – Day 1 8 December 2018, 12:40

Ladies and Gentlemen, this spaceship has taken off!
These artists played for us yesterday: Nest EggSunset ImagesGewalt BandMedicine Boy,
Pin ParkRAKTA, Dr Switchoff.
Join us today for day 2 of SpaceFest! ✨✨

Video by: Adam Jarmołowicz Paulina Piotrowska
Music: Nowy Port 3 A.M by Pure Phase Ensemble 5ft. Hugo Race

Sonic Jesus cancel their tour 5 December 2018, 00:57

We’re also heartbroken because their SpaceFest concert is among the cancelled ones. We’re sorry to communicate it as we were also looking forward to their gig. Hopefully, next year we’ll have more luck and invite them again. And in the meantime we’re looking for another band to step in and play a gig on 7 Dec.

Buy poster – A1 format 19 November 2018, 09:03

price: 15 zl (+ 20 zl costs FOR SHIPPING INSIDE POLAND)

price: 4 € (+ 6 € costs FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE POLAND)

SpaceFest!2018 – teaser 15 November 2018, 14:56

And here’s our festival teaser! Line-up: The Lucid DreamSPOIWOMedicine BoyEYRE LLEWPopsyszeRAKTASonic JesusXDZVØNXSunset ImagesPure Phase Ensemble ft. Will CarruthersNest EggPin Park, Columbus Duo, Данил Акимов aka. Dr Switchoff

7-8.12.2018 / B90 / Miasto Gdańsk

Tickets: 25-75zł

Organised by: Nasiono Records
Co-financed by The City of Gdańsk
Partners: Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej ŁaźniaMetropolitalna Karta do KulturyB90, Saltus Ubezpieczenia
Media Partners: Drowned in SoundRadio Gdańsk S.A.Trojmiasto.plGazeta WyborczaCo Jest Grane24Full Moon MagazineShameless Promotion PRLast Day

Film by: Luminaris. Wsparcie wizualne
Original artwork: Patryk Hardziej
Music: Karol Schwarz All Stars ’Soul (Klimt remix)’

Drowned in Sound – second year of media partnership 12 November 2018, 13:44

Our media partner Drowned in Sound announces we keep up cooperation on SpaceFest for second year and presents the festival line-up. The article and festival guide prepared by Dom Gourlay.–dis-announce-media-partnership-for-second-year-amp-full-line-up

Pure Phase Ensemble 8 members revealed! 26 October 2018, 20:46

Skład Pure Phase Ensemble 8 został wybrany i ogłoszony:
Will Carruthers (Spacemen 3Spiritualized, kierownik artystyczny, bas), Adam Neubauer (Pedal Distorsionador, gitara elektryczna), Hanna Went (Free Games For May, gitara elektryczna, wokal), Jakub Żwirełło (Wczasy, syntezatory, gitara), Jasiek Nawacki (Masło, congi, djembe, perkusjonalia), Marysia Białota (Signal to Noise Ratio, syntezatory analogowe), Marta Sap (didgeridoo, drumla, cytra), Seb Der Strychen (Oil Stains, perkusja), Wojtek Grabarz (Pedal Distorsionador, wokal, gitara, syntezator), Karol Schwarz (Karol Schwarz All Stars, gitara, wokal, kurator projektu), Ania SZynwelska (kuratorka, SpaceFest queen;).

Jest nas dużo, ale jeśli ktoś z Was gra na instrumentach dętych i chciałby się przyłączyć, to niech szybko pisze na Może rzutem na taśmę uda się jeszcze wejść do składu! 

Gdansk psych scene represented by Popsysze! 23 October 2018, 18:47

Popsysze (Nasiono Records) played at SpaceFest during the first editions accompanying such artists as Damo Suzuki or Lætitia Sadier, and this time they they will play their own material inspired by wild and mysterious nature. We’ll see what gods of Kashubian psychedelia will send us!

Eyre Llew – ethereal sounds on the SF stage 15 October 2018, 21:28

EYRE LLEW are conquering Asia a the moment but in December they will play in Gdansk at SpaceFest. We’re in for a treat of beautiful, ethereal sounds. If you’re fans of bands such as Sigur Rós or Mogwaii, this concert will move you deeply.
And here’s a taste of what’s to come:

The Lucid Dream announced! 10 October 2018, 11:37

Monday announcements time! Today we have The Lucid Dream for you – one of the most enthralling bands of the UK psych scene who like to merge genres so you can expect a mind-blowing mixture of psych with elements of acid house, dub and kosmische during their performance at SpaceFest. They are ace live!
Join Pure Phase Ensemble 8 ft. Will Carruthers 1 October 2018, 01:39

We’re happy to announce that the 2018 edition of  Pure Phase Ensemble will be curated by Will Carruthers who has played in 33 bands over thirty years, perhaps most notably in Spacemen3, Spiritualized, Spectrum, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Dead Skeletons. The effects of the band’s work will be presented live on 8 December on the SpaceFest! stage at B90 club. The entire set will be recorded and released on CD in 2019.

And traditionally, we invite musicians from Poland and abroad to join Pure Phase Ensemble. If you want to play with us, please send us your application form. You can find more details in the “rules of the game” document attached below.
Our email address:!
We’re waiting for your applications till 15 Oct 2018.


Competition results 21 September 2018, 20:53

Here are the results of the competition. SpaceFest! 2018 line-up will be joined by Columbus Duo from Gdańsk (noise, minimal, drone, ambient, improv duo), XDZVØNX  from Wroclaw (sacral noize/dark electro – weird psych experimental sounds). Special mention: Sunset Images from Mexico (guitar psych, experimental noize with shoegaze elements).
It’s going to be massive and hypnotizing (and sometimes strange)!

[Jury: Paweł Jóźwiak (mistrz foto / SpaceFest team), Ola Szkudłapska( / SpaceFest), Ania SZynwelska (SpaceFest queen /Nasiono Records), Karol Schwarz (Nasiono Records / SpaceFest team),Jędrzej Sołtysiak (Hałasy i melodie), Jarosław Mak (, Jarek Kowal ( oraz wsparcie moralne Kamil Wicik (Radio Gdańsk S.A.)  :)  ]

Medicine Boy to play at SpaceFest 2018 17 September 2018, 08:19
Attention! Here’s the next band to join our line-up! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Medicine Boy  – a Dream Noise duo from Cape Town, South Africa. Influenced by the likes of Rowland S. Howard, Spiritualized, The Mary Chain and The Bad Seeds. Medicine Boy has just signed to Fuzz Club records, who will release their next album in the Autumn of this year.
SPOIWO to play SF!2018 10 September 2018, 10:51

Let’s announce the first band on our bill. It’s SPOIWO – a cinematic / postrock / electro / ambient Polish band. If you don’t know them, here are some useful links for you to check:


+48 600 779 553

for press:
+48 513 930 841


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