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SpaceFest! is a festival of shoegaze, space-rock and psychedelic music. It consists of concerts, workshops for musicians from Poland and abroad, meetings with legendary artists, a competition for young bands and live album releases.

The eighth edition of the festival will be held on 7-8 Dec 2018 in Gdansk!

SpaceFest! is organized by Nasiono Association in cooperation with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts, Klub B90 and with the support of the City of Gdansk.


Workshops 26.11-30.11 2017 / Concerts 1-2.12.2017


On 7–8 December, Gdańsk will again be celebrating guitar distortions, noise drones and other mysterious sounds created under the influence of cosmic energy: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the eighth SpaceFest!

This year’s edition will include even more concerts, taking place not on one, but two stages of the B90 club. We have prepared a mouth-watering, transcontinental selection of music for all fans of the heavier side of rock, new psychedelia, space-rock, shoegaze as well as electronic and experimental music. SpaceFest gives you a one-way ticket to discover psych new sounds and bands (without having to go to the moon!).

Stand back for this year’s global line-up:

Brazil’s very own RAKTA will immerse you in their garage psychedelic music, strongly inspired by tribal rites, occultism and trance rhythms. These girls rock and don’t take no prisoners!

From Cape Town, South Africa:  MEDICINE BOY. This duo will enchant you with their oneiric female vocals and downtempo, unsettling, heroin-fuelled sounds, only to explode in solid, noise drones when you’re least expecting it.

The Italians from SONIC JESUS are no strangers to guitar distortions, trance electronic beats, or pretty much anything gothic. Their concerts promise a blast of pure energy.

EYRE LLEW are an ambient-rock trio from Notthingam UK, who are making waves with their beautiful, ethereal sounds. If you’re fans of Sigur Rós or Mogwai, this concert is a must.

THE LUCID DREAM represent the UK’s young alternative scene and do not shy away from experimenting with various genres. Their set will combine psychedelic rock with elements of acid house, dub and kosmische Musik.

PIN PARK’s music is strongly inspired by German experimental electronica from the 1970s. Using original instruments from the time, they create a broad spectrum of analogue sounds, generating music that is soothing, melancholy, structured based on looped, developing motifs, and punctuated with crafty details and nuances.

NEST EGG, a heady trio from North Carolina (US), like to call their heavy, motoric, rock sound “mood music for nihilists”.

SPOIWO combine post-rock, shoegaze, modern classical and film music. This will be the band’s first concert in Gdańsk after a long break, and a real treat for faithful fans, as the musicians are going to present some tracks from their upcoming album.

Gdańsk-based trio POPSYSZE also promise to play some premiere tracks. This is probably the strongest psychedelic, space-rock representation in northern Poland, strongly inspired by the wild nature of the Kashubian region and ethnic music from various corners of the world.

The SpaceFest! 2018 line-up is would not be complete without two winners of our competition for interesting psychedelic acts: COLUMBUS DUO from Gdańsk (noise/ drone / ambient /improv) and XDZVØNX from Wrocław (sacral noize/dark electro – a surprising mix of broken beats, Orthodox music, hip-hop and hypnotising visuals).

Mexico’s SUNSET IMAGES also merit particular attention with their pure-blooded guitar psych peppered with elements of experimental noise and shoegaze.

Like each year, one of the main highlights of the festival will be the PURE PHASE ENSEMBLE 8 – an international formation created specially for SpaceFest! Throughout the week before the festival, a group of 10 musicians will meet to jam at Łaźnia CCA, composing and playing material that will later be presented live to the Spacefest audience. PPE8 will be curated by WILL CARRUTHERS, legendary musician who spent the last 30 years playing in 33 bands, including Spacemen 3SpiritualizedSPECTRUMThe Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dead Skeletons.

And, last but not least, is the SpaceFest regular DR SWITCHOFF (RU) whose crazy Finders Keepers-inspired DJ sets with absurd visuals will end the first and second day of the festival.

The years go by, but one thing stays the same: SpaceFest stands for great music, zero gravity and maximum psych factor!


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Organizer: Nasiono Association
Co-funded by the City of Gdańsk
Partners:  Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary ArtMetropolitalna Karta do KulturyB90, Saltus Ubezpieczenia
Media patrons: Drowned in SoundLast Day DeafRadio Gdańsk S.A.Trojmiasto.plGazeta WyborczaCo Jest Grane24Full Moon MagazineShameless Promotion


Artistic Director: Anna Szynwelska

SpaceFest! is organised by the Nasiono Association in cooperation with Łaźnia CCA and Klub B90. The festival is co-financed by the City of Gdańsk.





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