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SpaceFest! is a festival of shoegaze, space-rock and psychedelic music. It consists of concerts, workshops for musicians from Poland and abroad, meetings with legendary artists, a competition for young bands and live album releases.

The sixth edition of the festival will be held on 2-3 Dec 2016 in Gdansk!

SpaceFest! is organized by Nasiono Association in cooperation with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts, Klub Zak and with the support of the City of Gdansk.


Workshops 27.11-1.12 2016 / Concerts 2-3.12.2016


Psychedelic music at its best, shoegaze, Krautrock and space-rock plus cosmic energy, intergalactic cats, forest goblins, psyched visuals and pagan disco – all this and more can be found at the one and only SpaceFest!

The sixth edition of the festival will take place on 2-3 December in Gdańsk’s Żak Club. The main organiser and founder of this peculiar phenomenon is the Nasiono record label.

Traditionally, the two concert days will be preceded by a workshop of Pure Phase Ensemble – ephemeral group created specially for the festival. The musicians are going to rehearse for a week at the Łaźnia 2 Centre for Contemporary Art in the Nowy Port district of Gdańsk, seeking inspiration in the post-industrial atmosphere of this part of the city. This edition of PPE will be fronted by a true legend: Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, who is going to consistently stick to one rule – that there are no rules when making music. We can basically expect everything. Anton has also invited Emil Nikolaisen, a producer, multiinstrumentalist and the bandleader of Serena Maneesh to team up with him on this project. Other members of the ensemble hail from Polpo Motel (Olga Mysłowska), Jesień (Maciej Karmiński), Oslo Kill City (Jakub Żwirełło), Judy’s Funeral (Marcin Lewandowski) and Aiodine (Kacper Graczyk). We will also hear Nasiono Records’ very own Karol Schwarz, who has been responsible for the musical cohesion of the PPE project from the very outset. The effects of the band’s work will be presented live on 3 December, and the entire set will be recorded and released on CD in 2017. 

Like each year, festivalgoers may count on a healthy dose of concert delights. Apart from Pure Phase Ensemble, the Żak Club stage will see German trio Camera, who experiment with sound, composition, form and expression. Rightly compared with icons of seventies Krautrock such as Neu! and La Düsseldorf, their music is like a motor running at full throttle, where an explosion could occur at any second.

For the first time, SpaceFest is also going to showcase Czech shoegaze and dream pop from the likes of DIV I DED. This band from Frýdek-Místek builds on the achievements of such groups as Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Slowdive, Jesus & Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine.

Cool, oneiric, ethereal songs are also the trademark of Be Forest – a trio from the Italian city of Pesaro, which have already made a name for themselves in the shoegaze world.

Festivalgoers will be shaken out of their shoegaze bliss by London duo MDME SPKR, who transmit pure, raw energy on stage, while Lau Betti’s low, in-your-face voice emanates sincerity and freshness. Their sweaty, loud sound evokes L7’s grunge or the darkness of Black Sabbath.

Another heavier moment will be guaranteed by Polish band Wild Books, who are going to present the material from their upcoming second album titled “2”, combining the raw sound of psychedelic punk with dreamy, fuzzy guitars that evoke the 1990s.

Another Polish group in the line-up is Lonker See from Tricity, whose sound oscillates around jazz, space rock and psych – their music is full of space, based on long forms, with a lot of room for improvisation.

We are also going to hear representatives of the new psych scene. The international group The Third Sound fronted by Icelandic singer Hakon Aðalsteinsson, ex-member of Singapore Sling, was founded in Rome and has since relocated to Berlin. The group’s sound has been described as “ebbing between light and dark, dream and reality, pop and experimentalism” and “ranging from hypnotic soundscapes to tweaked out and fuzzed up numbers.” And the band themselves have been called “linchpins of the psychedelic underground”.

Like each year, SpaceFest will also feature acts selected in a competition for young bands. This time, we are going to see Warsaw-based Rosa Vertov – an all-female band (not a girls’ band, though!) playing dirty, disturbing shoegaze, and The Fruitcakes – a Tricity outfit whose music has undergone a significant evolution: songs from their second album are strongly informed by the San Francisco psych scene of the late 1960s, the Canterbury scene and even the psychedelic achievements of the contemporary Australian scene.

SpaceFest! also entails DJ sets and wild dancing to strange sounds and surprising repertoire. This will be the responsibility of Snowid– a mystical forest creature and informal patron of the festival, who will get his followers going with a mix of disco, psytrance, electro and dubstep; and two female, UK-based DJs: Ola’s Kool Kitchen and DJ Pomponette, who are going to present the most spaced out and psychedelic dance tunes from around the world.

On 2-3 December Gdańsk will again become the intergalactic capital of Poland. Come and pick some music mushrooms with us! Jot down the date to take part in this unique space expedition.



HISTORY – SF! in 2011 – 2015
The following artists played for us in 2011 – 2015:  Dead Skeletons, Silver Apples, The Telescopes, The KVB, The Weekend, Mark Gardener, The Oscillation, Death Hawks, Simon Scott (Slowdive), Ścianka, TAU, White Noise SoundDamo SuzukiChris Olley (Six By Seven), Sea DwellerJaime Harding (Marion),KlimtFuka LataManescapeLaetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Niewolnicy Saturna, Ampacity, Trans/Human oraz 5 incarnations of the fantastic Pure Phase Ensemble – the international music collective created during the festival workshops.


SpaceFest! is a festival of shoegaze, space rock and alternative music, which comprises concerts, workshops for musicians from Poland and abroad, meetings with alternative music legends, a competition for up-and-coming young bands and CD releases.

SpaceFest! is not a typical festival. We want to break away from the classic festival formula and enhance our project with such elements as cooperation with foreign musicians, joint workshops, promotion of young bands, artistic happenings, publishing CDs with music created during the festival and the cheerful integration of SpaceFest! musicians and participants.




Artistic Director: Anna Szynwelska

The SpaceFest! festival is organised by the Nasiono Association in cooperation with “Łaźnia” Centre for Contemporary Art and Klub ŻAK, with the support of the City of Gdańsk.



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